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Welcome to the guild website for Dragonkin, our aim is to become a 10 man progression/25 man casual raiding guild on The Forgotten Coast server. We are currently taking all level 80 applicants.

We are currently in our infancy of guild-dom. We will not raid until we feel, as a guild, we are ready, and our focus is on simply gearing towards raid content. If this isn't what you're looking for, we are not the guild for you. However, if you are having trouble finding ways to get geared and/or are sick of pugging, we ARE the guild for you.
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Dragonkin is now recruiting!

ARKalvere, Dec 27, 10 5:52 PM.
    Dragonkin is now recruiting level 80 players. There is no gear requirements or application as of yet. However, we are a mature guild and we expect our members to reflect that.

    We want to develop a team of people who are willing to work together to help each other learn and experience the awesomeness that is end game WoW. Myself and the officers have been playing since the originally version of the game, have been in top raiding guilds, and reached the pinnacle of end game raiding. However, our guilds dissolved and we quit the game for awhile, but now we're back and we want to build an environment where we can experience raiding with other like minded individuals.

    If you'd like any more information or an invite send an in game message to: Arkalvere or Holyganja, and as long as your 80 and not a douche: Welcome to Dragonkin!
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